Two one-bedroom flats available to let out on (separate) assured short-hold tenancy agreements.

Each flat has one bedroom, one bathroom, one kitchen, one living-room.

Flat 1 is on the first floor. Flat 2 is above it on the second floor.

Quite nicely located for pleasant walks by the river, and garden access will become available when we have finished building the decking.

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Located on Dorchester High Street (Dorchester in Dorset).

The flats are on a site which is entirely no-smoking.

One or both flats potentially has access to walk-in attic storage.

We are in the process of decking out the Garden at the back which can get quite a bit of sunshine in the summer, and would be good place to hang a hammock or two. Use of the this garden space would be shared between the two flats and potentially other building users, but would in any case be a no smoking space.

The top (2nd floor) flat has been re-decorated to reasonable standard and has a new carpet.

The pictures below show the 2nd floor flat.

1st floor flat has a larger living-room, and smaller kitchen - otherwise fairly similar, although not currently so freshly decorated.

In the same building with shared electricity and water-system, although we have a submeter to split the electricity.

Because both flats have become available at the same time, they might suit a pair of friends who want to live near each other but also have independence, although no requirement for that.

£600 per flat per month.

20% off the rent for annual payment in advance (equivalent to £480 per month) otherwise we will require you to agree to a credit check.

No deposit required, but at least the first two months rent must be paid on the date when you move in, and then monthly rent paid on the first day of each rental-month from the first day of the third rental-month onwards. (No exceptions.)

Electricity can be put into your name, but bill for water will come from the landlord.

Pets: £50 extra per month for each cat or dog.

Each flat has a maximum occupancy of 2 persons (ie. a single person or couple sharing).

Rent to increase annually in line with inflation based on the rate published by the ONS, with periodic reviews to account for changes to the rental market.

Quarterly inspections.

Also you must provide photo-copy of your passport (together with sight of the actual document) so as to comply with legislation.

Also it has recently become a legal requirement to provide tenants with a copy of the following guide on "how to rent" residential property:

U.K. Government "How to rent" Guide is here

Call Jenny on 07825 134 966 to arrange a viewing

Or email: 

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